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Videos about people with ALK+ NSCLC


We know that hearing from other people who are going through similar experiences to you can be helpful. So we’ve teamed up with people who have been diagnosed with ALK+ NSCLC to develop a video series about their experiences.


Anne Marie, Toronto, Canada, diagnosed in 2009

Anne Marie passed away in October 2021.
Since her diagnosis in 2009, Anne Marie was a dedicated advocate for those living with lung cancer, and for young adults with cancer.

Many have found inspiration in Anne Marie’s story, and her input to the Younity patient support programme has undoubtedly impacted the lives of countless individuals living with lung cancer. We are extremely grateful to Anne Marie for her contributions to this programme and to the lung cancer community more widely.

Find inspiration in Anne Marie’s story, a volunteer, blogger and patient advocate with ALK+ NSCLC who strives to make whatever she does in life count.


Andy, Perth, Scotland, diagnosed in 2017

At diagnosis, family man Andy couldn’t see much of a future. But, discovering his cancer was ALK+ changed his life for the better – watch to see how.


Doreen, London, England, diagnosed in 2016

Life doesn’t have to change because of an ALK+ NSCLC diagnosis. Watch to see how Doreen stays positive, keeps active and enjoys life for what it is.

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