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Videos from doctors who treat people with ALK+ NSCLC

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We know that when it comes to cancer, there can be a lot to take in. So we’ve teamed up with doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals who help people with ALK+ NSCLC to develop a video series about their experiences.

Dr Óscar Juan

Dr Óscar Juan, Hospital La Fe

Dr Óscar Juan talks about what makes lung cancers so different from each other, and how having an ALK mutation opens up new treatment opportunities for his patients.

Dra Noemi Reguart

Dra Noemi Reguart, Hospital Clinic de Barcelona

While cancer can affect anybody, people with ALK+ NSCLC don’t fit the stereotypical profile of somebody who has lung cancer. Listen to Dra Noemi Reguart as she talks about what type of people typically have ALK+ NSCLC, and what treatment types are available to them.

Dr Santiago Ponce

Dr Santiago Ponce, Hospital 12 de Octubre

Dr Santiago Ponce has worked on some of the earliest clinical trials with people diagnosed with ALK+ NSCLC. In this video, he describes how it’s important that people know that ALK+ NSCLC is no better or worse than any other cancer – it’s just different, and needs a different approach to treating it.

Dr David Vincente

Dr David Vincente, Hospital Universitario Virgen Macarena

Having a specific mutation in a cancer (like ALK+ NSCLC) often means there are specific treatments available for it. Here, Dr David Vincente describes some of the typical treatments people with ALK+ NSCLC might be given, and what the aims of these treatment are.

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